Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Call For Applications: Mara Mentor One-On-One Event

Come 30th July, 2014, 30 mentors will converge in Lagos for one of Nigeria's biggest mentorship events. If you have a business idea and you know you need help taking it to the next level, you should apply for the Mara Mentor One-On-One Event. 

How Does It Work?

Monday, 21 July 2014

When To Admit The Brief Does Not Belong To You

In my other life, I was a spa manager. We had exclusive franchises for some of the world's biggest perfumeries and luxury skincare products in Nigeria. These products, they could raise the dead, if you catch my drift. The benefits scribbled on the bottles sometimes made me choke. They promised all sorts of things - cellulite busting, tummy flattening, bust enlargement and firming, stretch marks correction, youth restoration; you name it. I supervised the selling but stuck to my very affordable Neutrogena; not like I had a choice anyway. Even if I wanted to use them, they were beyond my pay grade.

For my clients however, it was a trivial expense. It was at that spa I found out that there are people in this world, that conveniently spend 1.5 million naira on perfumes and body lotions.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

On Corporate Egunje And Allied Matters

My friend built this really amazing app. He wants to sell it to a bank. He approaches the head of a segment who could recommend the app. Before the poor guy is done explaining what the functions of the app are, Segment Manager tells him how much he wants. He will only facilitate this ‘deal’ if my friend agrees to his demand.

Another friend got funds for a creative project. As with most investors, funds are paid in tranches based on attainment of mutually agreed milestones. The Project Manager who worked with the investing company could not be bothered. Out of the first tranche, this Project Manager, who earned less than half a million a month, collected over 30 times his monthly salary in one fell swoop. The project faltered mid-way and is yet to be completed over one year after it was commissioned.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Difference Between Them And Us

It's in their DNA. It's a culture, a character trait; a lifestyle. They are curious, creative and not afraid to make mistakes. They love to collaborate and are driven by this unbelievable ambition to make their mark on this side of the border. This behaviour fuels innovation on all fronts, they disrupt technology and norms with glee and proponents of the old struggle to play catch up. They are creators.

Us? We use, eat, wear and drive what the creators have created. Our struggle is with how to use the app, not how to create one. We are ostentatious and take pride in flaunting the inventions of other men. We don't want to partner or work with other people. We live like princes while the environment around us lies wasted. Armed with degrees and PHDs the impact of our education is only felt in our diction and the quality of people we hang out with. We are consumers.

The difference between them and us  is an innate selflessness; a desire to leave the world better than they met it. In every society you will find a mix of both.

At the end of the day, irrespective of how much you spend or amass, as long as you are not creating, you are at the bottom of the food chain.

©Naomi Lucas
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Playing The Employment Game

You get the call you have been waiting for. Date and time is set. Your suit is dry-cleaned, teeth flossed, make up on point. Your CV has made enough of an impression. You have one foot in the door now.

Enthusiastic, you show up at the venue. You sit before a panel - A panel from hell. As the interview progresses, you feel the heat rush up your face. Unified by their sadism, they

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fascinating Read: The Stone Balls Of Costa Rica

300 perfect round, smooth balls carved out of stone with no apparent functional purpose; the handiwork of inhabitants of Costa Rica before the spanish colonisation. Called The Stone Balls Of Costa Rica, the story behind their existence have remained a mystery since they were found by United Fruit Company in the 1930s. 

Ranging from the size of a tennis ball to around 8 feet in diameter, they have now been dated to between 600 and 1000 AD. The mystery of the balls is compounded by the absence of any written records of the culture of the people who created them. No one in Costa Rica had any idea who made the stones, why or how they got there. Isn't that so strange?

I've tried to hazard a guess as to what they were used for; I come up blank each time. Our ancestors really we're a brilliant bunch don't you think?

©Naomi Lucas
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Monday, 7 July 2014

How To Spot A Lagos Big Boy

When you get the call you remember your Pastor's prophecy from last week Sunday. The one that said you should expect a call from someone high and mighty. The meeting will either be at Radisson Blu, Moorehouse, Southern Sun, Eko Hotel, Oriental or Four Points. He will come in a Range Rover, Prado, X5 or some other 'Jeep.' 

You get there 1 hour early. He joins you and asks if you have placed your order. Effortlessly, like he owns the place. You shake your head. You are completely taken by his appearance. He looks like he walked off an Armani runway, his complexion a fine shade between mulatto and ajebo. You wish you can take his picture and show it to your boyfriend, hustling his life away somewhere on the mainland, decked in those Luise Vitron shirts he swears are the real deal. 

Friday, 4 July 2014

The Life Race

I was assigned her chaperone. She came from the UK  as a trainer. On our way back from shopping, she looked out the car window and smiled with delight.
"see" she pointed at the dark sky.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

How To: Get Posts Hot Off This Blog

This post is for two distinct group of readers: those who don't know how to keep track of my posts (A lot of people ask me how to get posts without having to check on the blog first) and then those who up until a few months ago, used to get emails from me. I got really overwhelmed trying to moderate conversations on all the platforms (Facebook, Yahoomail, Gmail, Blogger, Twitter etc.) so I stopped sending mails.  The latter category, the ones who used to get my emails, have been whining since I stopped sending mails. You would think they have to trek to the blog to read what I have written LOL.

Considering how busy things have been for me, I figured a little automation should help ease this process up a little. Please follow or subscribe and help a sister out :)

To get the latest blog post is really easy. One way to do so is to subscribe by email. To do so, look for the box below on the blog.

Type in your email address and a pop-out box like the one below opens. 

To confirm your request, you have to type in some text, as shown above, to you know, prove to us that you are a real human being. Once you do, click the complete subscription request button and thats it.

You can also get the latest blog posts via Google Friend Connect. Look for the image below on the blog:

Once you click the 'Join This Site' button, a pop-out page opens just like the one below. 

You can follow using your Google, Twitter or Yahoo accounts. If you click on any of all 3, it takes you to your account login page to sign in. Once you do, you will get email alerts as soon as I publish posts.

And if you want to reach me directly, use the Holla! Form like the one below:

Not too complicated I hope?

Thanks people for all the feedback so far. It has been tremendously helpful.

©Naomi Lucas

How To: Drop A Comment On This Blog

I have gotten to the point where I think this post is necessary. I've had friends call me and ask 'Naomi where is my comment?' LOL. Some say they dropped comments on my blog and couldn't find it when they clicked the publish button. Others just don't know what to do once they click the comment button. The blame is all mine for assuming that everyone is as familiar with blogger as I am and I sincerely apologize.

To drop a comment, look beneath each post, you will find the social media icons captured in the picture above. Click on 'comments.' (3 comments in the picture) It opens a pop-out box with all the comments on the post, a box to 'leave your comments' and a list of options to choose from (Like the picture below)

You can choose to use OpenID, your name and web address (If you have one) or decide to post your comment as an anonymous user. Click on your preferred choice, input the required details and click the publish button. 

Because I have enabled comment moderation, you don't see your comment on the blog immediately. It comes to me as an email with an option to approve, spam or delete it. Your comment is published on the blog once I approve it.

Easy eh? :D 

Thanks people.

©Naomi Lucas