I was off work on Thursday ‘cos I had a bad throat infection. I was told to take my antibiotics and try and rest; emphasis on try ‘cos my doctor knows me already. I used the opportunity to see my new landlord whom I share a fence with but haven’t seen since I moved in. I just got this new place and was getting to that point where I was beginning to wonder if I made the right decision. I found out I wasn’t allowed to use my gen, I can only use an inverter or diesel generator after depositing a healthy amount of cash as collateral in case I burn down the landlord’s house; and the plumbing was faulty. PHCN came and cut the light ‘cos some people were owing and clueless people like us who haven’t started to owe are forced to bear the brunt as well. After some resistance by his boys at the gate: ‘Otunba no dey, Otunba dey sleep (At 12 in the afternoon? Yeah right), Otunba just travel this morning’, I was finally allowed to see the almighty Otunba. Surprisingly, he was receptive and promised to do something about my frustrations.

On my way out I noticed a young lady standing outside his gate, in the hot sun.