Wednesday, 3 December 2014

For Those Who Think It Might Be Too Late To Run With That Idea

I thought to share this with you. Though there are no local examples, I still think it's inspiring :)

Read full story here

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Here’s What You Can Do About Internally Displaced Persons In Yola

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Since I heard Mubi and some surrounding towns had been taken over by insurgents (And later recaptured), I have been trying to find someone based in Adamawa who can help with management of relief materials or funds I and a few other friends wanted to send for internally displaced persons (IDPs). You don’t want to know how many phone calls I have had to make and how many people I spoke with while trying to do this.

While the rest of us live our daily lives, pursue our dreams and make future plans, the IDPs in the Northeast are living a nightmare. The most disheartening thing for me was knowing that Government efforts at managing displaced persons were non-existent as at when I started making enquiries and as we speak, totally inadequate.

I finally got a reliable source from a good friend of mine. Her name is Mallama Asmau. She represents IMWON – Initiative For Muslim Women of Nigeria. I called her this morning. She told me that there are about 4 camps in the state with the number of IDPs ranging from 300-1,000+. Some IDPs have also been moved into about 30 hastily completed government houses. These figures do not take into consideration those squatting with families, friends, relatives or strangers all across the state capital.

When I asked how she would manage funds I send across she explained how they (IMWON) work:
  • They (As a collective of women) visit the camps and speak with the IDPs and their handlers to determine what their most pressing need is. 
  • From her experience, these needs are either food, money, drugs, sleeping gear, utensils or all of the above. 
  • Armed with this info and based on funds available, they go to the market, buy the necessary items and distribute them directly to the IDPs.

For now, all funds are sent to Mallama Asmau’s account. She said they are in the process of getting a corporate one. She has given me permission to publish both her account number and phone number for those who might want to follow up. There’s a little snag though – we spoke in Hausa throughout. Even when I asked questions in English, she replied in Hausa. So, except you understand the language or have an interpreter, communication might be a challenge. For those who want to help, here:

Mallama Asmau
0803 080 3674

Asmau Aliyu
First Bank

God bless you as you give.
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P.s – I found out that the IDP camps in Maiduguri are very well run hence my focus on Yola.

Friday, 21 November 2014

360 Woman: CEO Modalali, Maryam Aliko Mohammed On Being Northern, Muslim And Divorced

When I started interviewing women for my series - 360 Woman, the objective was simple: Get outstanding young women who are making things happen, are happily married and are not afraid to tell their story. Maryam epitomizes all of these things but er, she's divorced. After thinking through, I decided to speak with her. If I exclude women who for whatever reason are divorced, I'm inadvertently saying these women are not complete. And nothing can be farther from my objective. So, enjoy Maryam's story. It takes a special kind of grace to open up like she did. By far my deepest chat yet...

Thursday, 20 November 2014

#SealdWithAKiss: iPhone 6 Winner Announced

All through last week, we ran a campaign on this blog with the hashtag #SealdWithAKiss. The top 5 winners for each day who observed all the rules and got the questions right are as follows:

  1. Augustine
  2. Oyewole
  3. Ifedayo
  4. Drusilla
  5. Babatunde
  1. Oyewole
  2. Oluwatosin
  3. Obiyemi
  4. Drusilla
  5. Agbanyin

  1. Folakemi
  2. Chibuzo
  3. Augustine
  4. Micheal
  5. Adetoye
No winner

  1. Augustine
  2. Folakemi
  3. Adetoye
  4. Drusilla
  5. Oluwatosin
The first to get 3 questions right and therefore the winner of the #SealdWithAKiss brand new iPhone 6 is Augustine Ogwo, Twitter handle @austinaija
Congrats Augustine and thanks to everyone who participated!

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Add These To Your Definition Of The Word Entrepreneur

The word 'Entrepreneurship' conjures a number of images, words or phrases in the mind. I know a lot of people naively equate entrepreneurship with 'being my own boss.' If you belong to that category of people, please add the following to your job description (The pleasure is all mine :))
  1. Recruiter
  2. Risk analyst
  3. Rain maker
  4. Agony aunt/uncle
  5. Bargain hunter
  6. Cheerleader
  7. Talent manager
  8. Strategist
  9. Accountant
  10. Relationship manager
  11. Receptionist
  12. Tax expert
  13. Marketer
  14. Public speaker
  15. Counsellor
  16. Copywriter
  17. Designer
  18. Driver
  19. Cleaner
  20. Scapegoat
P.s - Did I miss anything?

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Monday, 17 November 2014

This Story Ended Well Because Of Total Strangers

March 2011
I lost my dad.

March 2012
My sister began to process his benefits which had accrued over time while he was ill. After submitting his death certificate to the Probates Office in Lafia (Nassarawa State), she was asked to pay some money to collect an affidavit confirming his death and to provide original copies of a pile of documents they needed to process his pension.

Friday, 14 November 2014

#SealdWithAkiss Race For The iPhone 6 Ends Today

Yesterday, I saw something very alarming in action - Reading without comprehension.

Thursday's question was this: If you eliminate compilations and live recordings it will be Seal's 3rd album. Emphasis on if you eliminate! No one saw that. It really is amazing. 

Thursday's answer: Seal's 3rd album is titled Human Being, it's there on Google, but if you eliminate compilations and live recordings, it is the 2nd. The 3rd will therefore be 'System' which comes after two compilations and two live recordings (It's all there on Google). And yeah, System has only 11 tracks so there is no 12th song and therefore, no winners for Thursday, sadly.

Friday's Question:
One of Seal's songs was featured in a 1999 film. What song and movie was it?

So we don't forget. See the rules:
  • Read the question and post your answer in the comment section. Make sure you use your real names
  • End  your comment with the hashtag #SealdWithAKiss and your Twitter handle.
  • Only comments with the #SealdWithAKiss hashtag and your Twitter handle are valid.
  • The winner will be announced on November 20th, 2014.

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360 Woman: Lawyer, Zainab Magaji On Love, Family, Islam And Boko Haram

It's not everyday you come across women like Zainab - Northern, muslim, educated and vocal about issues. She talks freely about her gist partner of 15 years, her kids, her father and his influence over who she has become. Most importantly though, she shares her opinion about Boko Haram. Hear her "I believe that the North, especially the Muslim north, has contributed a lot to the decay eating away at our safe existence. We allowed our family units to disintegrate by sidelining or even completely removing women from our social, economic and educational affairs for too long..."
This is a chat I'm really glad I had and one you should take time out and read...

Thursday, 13 November 2014

#SealdWithAKiss: Wednesday Winners, Campaign Continues!

Hi hi,
Yesterday we asked you to write a 10 line lovesong to your mum. Some of you did okay, others submitted a short novel :)
Our top love songs for yesterday were written by: @Fola94 @KingAbsolute_ @austinaija @hemical @Dilly411 @druceela @hyperkiki @xanderstan

Thursday's Question: 
If you eliminate compilations and live recordings it will be Seal's 3rd album. 
  • What's the Title of the album?
  • Who produced the 12th song on the album? 

So we don't forget. See the rules again:
  • I will post 1 question everyday for the next 2 more days. To win you must get 3 out of those 5 questions right so be sure to check this blog every morning.
  • Read the question and post your answer in the comment section. Make sure you use your real names
  • End  your comment with the hashtag #SealdWithAKiss and your Twitter handle.
  • Only comments with the #SealdWithAKiss hashtag and your Twitter handle are valid.
  • The winner will be announced on November 20th, 2014.

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